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Mind For Music is the internet's largest collection of Jazz and Contemporary sheet music, arrangements and transcriptions, all completely free! On this site you can find everything from bebop solo transcriptions, to funk charts and big band music.

Mindformusic.com is a free educational service designed to help musicians create and share compositions, arrangements and transcription. Nothing is being sold on M4M (although I do offer my talents as a transcriber for hire, more info on that here), and this site is funded entirely by advertising and donations from users. If this site has helped you in some way on your musical journey, please consider making a small donation to keep it running!

M4M has recently been revamped and expanded and now includes:

MIND FOR MUSIC WANTS YOUR TRANSCRIPTIONS! Have any song or solo transcriptions lying around collecting analog or digital dust? Upload them! Sharing transcriptions is a great way to promote your skills as a musician. Every song or chart you upload to mindformusic.com links directly back to a website/email of your choosing. You can share your work and promote yourself for free! Original compositions and arrangements are also definitely welcome; Mind for Music does not claim ownership or sell any of the music submitted, and all rights of a work remain with the original producer(s) of the work or with the legal copyright holder as per international copyright law.

Look around, and drop me a line if you like (but please read the FAQ section before you do!). Don't forget to check out the M4M Youtube channel, M4M Blog and M4M Studio Homepage (coming soon!).

*If you have submitted a piece, and find it on M4M either without a link or you name attached to it, please contact me right away! I had some issues with my uploader form before and didn't catch everyones information in the last few months.