About Mind For Music


Here you will find an ever growing database of song and solo transcriptions, arrangements of jazz, contemporary and traditional music, valuable online practice tools and important information/concepts pertaining to modern and traditional forms of music and art, all free to use and share.

Mind For Music was originally intended as a way for musicians and music lovers to share solo and song transcriptions with each other over the web, all free of charge and solely for educational and personal use. Since it's inception, the site has now grown to include practice tools and videos, important articles/information about music, art and our world, and (soon) a foundation dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of music in our world to some hard to reach places (more information on that to come very soon!). All the transcriptions on this site come from the hard work of individual musicians who have uploaded or otherwise sent their interpretations of these works to be shared by the world-wide music community, for the purposes of academic study, individual practice or for other personal uses. Nothing is being sold on this website, but donations to keep the site running (and get more bandwidth) are always accepted (click here for more info on donations).

MIND FOR MUSIC WANTS YOUR TRANSCRIPTIONS! Have any song or solo transcriptions lying around collecting analog or digital dust? Upload them! Sharing transcriptions is a great way to promote your skills as a musician. Every song or chart you upload to mindformusic.com links directly back to a website/email of your choosing. You can share your work and promote yourself for free! Original compositions and arrangements are also definitely welcome! Mind for Music claims no copyrights on any of the music submitted or uploaded, and all rights of a work remain with the original producer (s) of the work or with the legal copyright holder as per international copyright law.

File types will vary from song to song but the following formats for transcriptions are preferred: pdf, jpg (or gif/bmp), finale files (.mus), sibelius files (.sib) and doc files (as long as they're laid out correctly). Of course, not everyone has access to a computer with either Finale or Sibelius so if you want your transcription to reach the most amount of people possible, convert it to a pdf (click here for more information about file conversion). However if you do this, I would suggest uploading both the original program file for those who have it, as well as the converted pdf, as Finale and Sibelius users may want to use the playback features in their programs to aid in the learning process. Also, Finale and Sibelius both offer free downloads of both Finale Notepad and Sibelius Scorch respectively, these are little tools that will allow you to play and view files created on their respective programs.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, but please read the F.A.Q. section beforehand; I wont respond if your question is already answered there as I am a very busy fellow. I try to answer every message I get but please be patient! Also, Don't forget to check out the M4M Youtube page and blog as well!

Thanks again and enjoy the music!