File Conversion Tips

In order to streamline transcription sharing, I have compiled a few tips and programs to help you convert your files into the appropriate file types.

For transcriptions, the following file formats are acceptable for upload:

-Finale and Sibelius Files
-MuseScore Files
-Word Document

Obviously, pdf and jpg files types are the most universal and therefore the easiest to share online. Finale and Sibelius files on the other hand, are much more interactive, and can be changed, transposed and corrected after they have been downloaded. Word documents I would recommend as a last resort, unless you are only listing the chord changes of a piece.

Thankfully, both Finale and Sibelius offer free programs that can be used to view and print their respective file types. For Finale files, use Finale Notepad and for Sibelius use Sibelius Scorch.

In order to conver Finale and Sibelius files to pdf there are various programs you can use. I would recommend Cute PDF, which allows you to virtually print from your program onto a pdf. After you install the program, simply go to the print menu and select "Cutepdf" from the list of printers and you will get an instant copy of your work as a pdf.
Note: nothing will actually be printed when you do this, the program just imitates a printer, converting the file instead. This is the way I would recommend for uploading, as pdf files are the easiest to share.

There are other programs that will convert Finale, Sibelius and pdf files to images files (such as jpg or gif) but I have not personally used any so have nothing to recommend. If you wish to convert this way, do a search for "mus to pdf" or something similar and you will find a bunch of appropriate programs.

If you have any other questions about file sharing, feel free to contact me.