Transcription Services

Mind For Music is not just a transcription sharing website, but also a transcribing service! Many of the transcriptions on mindformusic.com come from my career as a professional musician; some I have been hired to transcribe, others I have done for my own purposes.

I am available as a 'transcriber for hire', a field I have much experience with. I have transcribed and arranged dozens of pieces for various jazz and concert band ensembles, along with hundreds of personal transcriptions for smaller jazz/contemporary combos. I am willing to do any type of piece, from big band to solo performances. I charge a very reasonable rate on a per-piece basis, depending on the difficulty of the song and the amount of arranging involved.

Prices depend on the intensity and difficulty of piece of music you're looking to have transcribed, if a song is more involed/difficult, it will cost a little bit more than a simpler tune. Here are some general outlines as to cost (click on the transcription type to see a sample of what it would look like, they were all transcribed by me):

Solo Transcriptions Average Price
0-16 Bar Solo Transcription (with chord changes) $30-$40
16-32 Bar Solo Transcription (with chord changes) $40-$60
32-? Bar Solo Transcriptions (with chord changes) Contact Me!

Chart Transcriptions Average Price
Song Chord Changes $20-$30
Lead Sheet (chords/head) $20-$50
Full Chart (chords/head/shots/form) $40-$80

Arrangements/Big Band
Average Price
Song Arrangement (for group/instruments of your choosing) Contact Me!
Big Band Transcription (1-8 instruments/rhy.section/solo changes) Contact Me!
 Big Band Arrangements Contact Me!

Fee free to Contact me for more info and samples!