Original Compositions


This section highlights some of the original work submitted by Mind For Music users. I've added this section because I believe composing original music is the most important thing a musician can do with thier time. If you have a piece you would like to submit please upload it or contact me and I will get it up here as soon as I can!

In the meantime, check these amazing compositions:

mirabelli raffaele

Raffaele Mirabelli

Website: www.raffaelemirabelli.it

Raffaele Mirabelli is an Italian Saxophonist born in Castellamonte, Italy. He is an accomplished player and composer who has written several books on Saxophone methods and technique. More information about Raffaele (along with links to his compositions and method books) can be found at his website and make sure to listen to his great work "Dostage" on YouTube!

Featured Pieces: Dostage - (Click here to watch/listen!)


Vince Corozine

Vince Corozine

Website: www.vincecorozine.com

Vince Corozine is a New York based musician, composer, conductor and instructor. Along with his composition, arrangement and band-leading experience Vince is also the author of a series of music books including "Arranging Music For The Real World" (Mel Bay) and teaches numerous online music courses. More information is available on his website (above), and be sure to check out some examples of his arranging work below:

Featured Pieces: I Remember Clifford - (Click here for an audio recording!)
Let It Snow


davis jason alex

Jason Alex Davis

Website: www.jasondavisjazzbackupsite.yolasite.com

Jason Alex Davis is an American saxophonist, composer and big band leader with over 27 years of performing experience. He has submitted some great charts to Mind For Music, along with a great book on Improvisation in jazz and contemporary music. Check out some of his music and method book below:

Featured Pieces: Cozumel
Jason Davis Improv Book


ivanusic zdenko

Zdenko Ivanusic

Website: www.zdenkoivanusic.com

Zdenko Ivanusic, a graduate of the Zagreb Academy of Music, is a Croatian composer and saxophonist. He is the leader of the Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet and Zdenko Ivanusic Quartet, playing original compositions along with arrangements of traditional jazz standards from artists like Gershwin, Mingus, Shorter, Coleman and Zawinul. Zdenko has submitted a few great big band compostions, check them out below!

Featured Pieces: Free Fall - (Click Here to watch a video of this piece)
Light Hearted


willimek bernd

Vita Bernd Willimek

Website: www.willimekmusic.de

Mr. Willimek is a German composer who was kind enough to share some of his great work on Mind For Music. Right now his website is mostly in German, but keep an eye out for an English version very soon!

Featured Piece: "Stone Town: St Josephs Cathedrale" from "Flavours of Zanzibar"


kijek stefan

Stefan Kijek

Website: Facebook (Band Page)

Stefan Kijek is a Canadian pianist and composer currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. Known for his versatility and proficiency on his instrument, he spends a great deal of time composing traditional and modern jazz pieces.

Featured Piece: 112th Avenue



Ilio Volante

Website: www.iliovolante.com

Ilio is an Italian composer who has written more than 200 marching and symphonic band arrangements. His composition "Verse Nord" (featured below) looks and sounds great, I highly recommend checking it out! Check out his website (above) for a full bio and more information.

Featured Piece: Verso Nord