Score Copying

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Score copying is the process of transferring printed/paper scores to a much more handy digital format using any number of different notation software. The benefits of this are not just for the preservation of paper scores, digital copies of sheet music help in the process of editing, transposing and re-arranging printed music. Along with a PDF copy of the sheet music we can also provide digital files for most notation software (Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore etc...) along with MusicXML which is non proprietary and can be opened by virtually any music editing program.

Score Editing

Score editing is a crucial part of composing and arranging music. Most common with large, multi part scores this process involves having a third party (someone other than the composer/arranger) check the finished (or nearly finished) sheet music score and parts for everything from: notation errors, transposition errors, formatting and various other issues.

With both score copying and editing prices and turnaround time can vary with the scope of the project so please feel free to Contact us for more information!

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